If you are reading this, you must need a headshot. Your headshot is an essential part of your business - the business of YOU! Photos surround us at lightning speeds. People are making snap judgments about us, deciding whether we are interesting, helpful, kind, or if they think we are a person they would like to meet or work with. If you are in the business of you and need photographs for your website, business cards, publications, social media platforms, or even for your latest audition, you need an exceptional headshot! You’ve come to the right place.


I ask that you bring between 3-5 different looks that you love. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, you won’t shoot well wearing it. As for colors, I suggest bringing a wide variety. Everything from t-shirts to more formal dress can work. Textures and layers work well, but wild patterns can be distracting. Lastly, avoid seasonal clothing; we don’t want to capture that celebrated holiday sweater for a summer job! I love COLOR! Bright colors make your images pop! They highlight your eyes, hair, and skin tones and make an all around better image. That’s not to say that you have to have all color; neutral colors can be complimentary, too. Each look can be used for different purposes.


My residential studio is located in Centreville, VA.  It’s comfortable, cozy, and is full of professional studio equipment. The advantages to capturing your headshots in my residential studio is that we have free parking, a safe neighborhood, bathrooms, a place to hang your clothes, music, food and beverages. When you leave here, people will think you flew to New York for your headshots!


I don’t have a set number of photos, so we will shoot until we feel we have gotten the shot you’re looking for. I shoot in horizontal format, however if you feel you need a vertical or ¾ body shot, just let me know beforehand. We will use a white backdrop that proves to be clean, crisp, and timeless; all while letting your expressions capture your intended audience. 


We edit as we go! We will inspect each image to determine if it is an image that can be used for your marketing purposes. When we are finished we will have anywhere between 50 and 75 shots. On the day of your shoot, your untouched photos will be made available in a password protected gallery. You may share this gallery with family and friends, or anyone who may help you choose the shots you decide to use.  When you are ready, it’s time to share 3 images with me that you would like me to lightly retouch and make picture perfect. 


Throughout our session we will work together to capture the best you! We will talk about how body position and angles with respect to the camera can convey different things. I will coach you by teaching you how your subtle changes to your mouth, brows, and eyes can change an image completely.


The cost of a headshot session is $250. The listed price includes light retouching, including exposure, color, and tone adjustments. Additionally, slight adjustments to eyes and skin are made, if needed. If you require more advanced retouching (eg. hair removal) there will be an additional fee of $35 dollars. Cash or check are acceptable.

Okay, people! I hope this helps you prepare for your shoot. I look forward to meeting you and capturing great headshots for you!

Watch these videos to learn some basics of a headshot session.