Little Acorn Patch Parent Handbook | Commerical Photography | Springfield, VA

My family has had the great pleasure of being a part of the Little Acorn Patch daycare family since I can remember. Andi Savage, the center owner, has been there for my family, time and time again, so when she asked me to snap photos for their new parent handbook, I jumped at the opportunity. Being a teacher for a number of years, I knew that before I started shooting, I needed to mingle with the kids. I didn't even lift the camera to snap photos for at least 10-15 minutes. I just played and interacted with the kids. This ended up being a good thing because by the end of the day, the kids felt comfortable with me and became comfortable with the my camera. It was a lot of fun and I got some fantastic shots for their parent handbook. Our photos start on page ten (excludes cover), take a look throughout the handbook!


The Murphy Family at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens | Family Photography | Vienna, VA

Chad and Anna have been long time clients for us and it is always great to get together with them. We have had the honor of taking photos for their family for a couple of years and its special to see Tyler and Kayla grow into awesome kids. Kayla is all business until she lights up with her cute little smile. Those dimples will make anyone melt. The last time we were together Tyler was a shy boy that wouldn't talk to you, now, he was sharing and showing his new tricks. He was eager to be in front of the camera. As always, Meadowlark is a wonderful venue to take family pictures, even if the grounds are dormant. Here are some of our favorites from our session with The Murphy's.