Knight Promotion | National Archives | Washington, D.C.

This was my third promotion ceremony at the National Archives and still find myself in awe of the majesty of the National Archives building and the ceremony being held. Being promoted is a special time in a person's career and to be surrounded by close friends and family makes these short events so wonderful to be a part of. 

When I do these events I try to get downtown a bit early to take a walk around the National Archives building and snap some photos of the morning sun as it rises over these beautiful buildings. Each time I have done a shoot, I have captured something different. I am grateful to be able to shoot these wonderful ceremonies. Here are some of my favorite images from David Knight's promotion ceremony to Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force.

A Uram Family Celebration | Event Photography | Luray, VA

This is the way I want to celebrate my 70th birthday, surrounded by my closest friends and family. It was clear the moment Mike walked into Mimslyn Inn in Luray, VA how grateful and happy he was to see everyone. It was truly a magical moment. The instant he walked onto the balcony he greeted friends and family, and made his way over to Clifton, his grandson. He hoisted a proud Clifton on his arm as he greeted and mingled with family and friends. 

After mixing and mingling, guests gathered inside for a delicious lunch and celebration. It was a wonderful afternoon surrounded by family and friends. 

Schubbe Promotion | National Archives | Washington DC Photographer

The Schubbe's have welcomed me and Allison into their home many times to take pictures of Ben and Spencer. So, when Chris asked me to take photos of his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, I was honored and thrilled. The ceremony took place inside the Rotunda at the National Archives. If you have never be inside the Rotunda the first thing you will notice is it's majesty. Of course, it would be, it's the place they preserve our nations most valuable document, including the Constitution. The next thing I noticed was the extremely low light. I couldn't use flash and there was no natural light. Immediately, I knew I needed to crank up the ISO on my Nikon 750 and settled at about 12500, which allowed my camera's shutter speed to fire fast enough to capture any moving subjects (little Ben). The 750 did a great job handling the high ISO and you can barely tell how dark it is inside the Rotunda. I would say, it was a great experience...and challenge, and hope that I have an opportunity to shoot there again.