The Brudvig Family at Manassas National Battlefield Park | Family Photography | Manassas, VA

The Coveys and the Brudvigs go way back! Our family's both attend the same church and Abby and I even sang in the same church choir for a number of years when we were younger. Later down the road, Mrs. Brudvig ended up being Registrar Extraordinaire at the elementary school I worked at for seven years. Needless to say, over the years, our families have crossed paths. Recently, Abby and her husband had their first baby, and took that as an opportunity to get some great family shots of the whole family. 

Manassas National Battlefield Park was a central location and it gave me an opportunity there for the first time. Timing was tough because we had to get our shots at high noon. We lucked out and found a perfect shady spot behind some of the historical landmarks that ended up being a nice backdrop.