March Headshots | Headshot Photography | Centreville, VA

Allison, my amazing model, stands in even when she is ready for sleep. Look at that squint! Also, you can see the triangular pop in her eyes. I love it!

My adventure into headshot photography continues...I have marched on to make adjustments to my lighting setup and to my "schtick." As for my lighting setup, I started with two 24x24 softboxes but wanted to create something unique for my clients. I removed the square boxes and added three strip softboxes. This creates a cool effect and pop in the eyes of those folks in front of the camera. Also, because of my limited space I started adding a ND filter to my lens to tone my light back a bit. Prior to this change I had to shoot at f11 or lower, now with this modification I am and shoot my clients at f4.5 and get solid DoF. 

Here are some of my other shoots from the month of March

This is Andi. She is the owner of the Little Acorn Patch, a day care center located in Springfield, Va.

This is Eileen. She is owner of Cassidy Rivera Communications, a one-of-a-kind strategic communications, branding and integrated marketing firm.

This is Ryan. A good buddy of mine who was nice enough to come into the studio. Whenever the two of us get into a room it's nothing but good times.