The Salnoske Wedding | Wedding Photography | Vienna, VA

I don't shoot many weddings but when I do I bring the big boys. I typically rent a whole slew of equipment, including wide angle lenses, macro lens, extra camera body, a couple of extra speedlights, and any fun gadgets I feel like trying. This wedding was no different, however, I will say for my next wedding I am going with the minimalist approach. 

On to the lovely couple...Alison and Chris are awesome! Chris is a friend of my wife's, from their home town of Hampton, VA. They found me through word of mouth and facebook and we got in touch. Alison, the bride-to-be and I meet about a year prior at a local Starbucks and discussed details, but after that meeting we spoke only occasionally via email or phone. That's why when I saw her get out the car the night of their rehearsal, the breath left my body. She was stunning! Needless to say, they are a wonderful couple. Their wedding day went off without a hitch, although we did dodge a few passing clouds. Here are some of my favorites from their day.

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