The Blecks at Bull Run Winery | Family Photography

My sister Carol has wanted to have family photos taken for many years. This year, her daughter Amanda (my niece) got the family together at Bull Run Winery as a Christmas gift to her mom. Bull Run is a new location for Covey Photography. In my opinion, its a little gem. It's located in western Fairfax County off of route 29. It's set on a hilltop with open space, picnic tables for eating, and of course, a pavilion-type building with tables and a full wine bar inside. The couple of times we have been there to do photo shoots its been rockin'!

As a photographer, I will mention that when you go determines how busy the winery will be. One evening we went on a Sunday and it was pleasant with few people to dodge. However, on a Saturday evening, the place was bumpin' and families with children. It made for an extra challenge when trying to working with clients. Needless to say, the children were running around and didn't care what you were doing, so...if that doesn't bother you, keep on.

Here are some of my favorites from Bull Run Winery: